It’s Back!

It’s Back!

South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) is celebrating its sixth anniversary as the nation’s official energy event under the theme the Engine of East African Growth. This year’s theme positions South Sudan as the nexus of petroleum exploration and production, innovation and energy cooperation for the East Africa, MENA and Central Africa regions. Organized in official partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum, the event invites investors to explore and engage with opportunities across the upstream, midstream, mining, power generation and distribution, services and infrastructure sectors. 


South Sudan has emerged as a central actor in regional energy cooperation. The country has attracted interest from leading oil and gas players while global partners like the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Norway, Egypt and Turkey continue to assess development opportunities in-country. In seeking new upstream partners to develop its oil and gas acreage, South Sudan launched a 14-block licensing round, with licenses expected to be awarded in 2023.   


Coming at a critical time in the post-COVID-19, energy transition era, SSOP 2023 will examine South Sudan’s role as the engine of regional energy and economic growth and promote historic deals through a series of panel discussions, presentations, technical sessions, investor meetings and networking functions. Owing to its pivotal location that bridges the Nile Basin and Rift Valley areas, and the MENA and Sub Saharan African regions, South Sudan represents the logical exploration and service hub for the entire East African energy industry and the keystone of regional energy security. 


Rich with untapped hydrocarbon reserves, abundant human resources and support for the private sector, South Sudan represents a unique chance for investors to build an industry fit for a new nation. Join us at SSOP 2023 – where deals are made. 


Information about SSOP 2023. Why participate in this event, and why now?


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  • To provide the single biggest and most impactful platform for deal making and partnerships in South Sudan.
  • To raise financing for South Sudanese and regional energy projects and add value to existing developments.
  • To provide insight into key areas of investment across the hydrocarbons, renewable energy, and power sectors.  
  • To capitalize on South Sudan’s position as the Engine of East African Growth with respect to trade and energy security. 
  • To strengthen capacity building across the country’s domestic energy sector through discussions centered around youth and women in energy, skills and technology transfer and local content. 
  • To reaffirm SSOP as the official energy event to discuss Africa’s energy transition progress, challenges and opportunities.

Why Participate?

Why Participate?

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Engine of East African Growth

South Sudan is pivotal to the energy security of its neighbors, and holds a unique position at the threshold of the MENA, Central Africa and East African regions.

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Economic Opportunities

SSOP 2023 sets the stage for growth through energy development, promoting opportunities across key sectors including oil, gas, power, infrastructure, and technology.

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An Established Community

With a strong community of regional and international stakeholders, South Sudan is committed to attracting new investment and participation in its transforming economic landscape.

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Industry Innovation

Coupled with a young and capable workforce, South Sudan’s energy landscape represents the ideal place for expansion of the energy industry, in all its forms.

Discussion Points

Discussion Points

    • Investments and partnerships changing the energy landscape.
    • South Sudan’s alliances and trade routes, changing regional and geopolitical alignments.
    • Dealmaking in 2023, new projects and new opportunities for the next decade.
    • Licensing round, expansion and optimization of the petroleum sector.
    • Strengthening capacity-building and skills transfer across the entire energy value chain.
    • Private public partnerships and raising capital in South Sudan.
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